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Roxanna Albayati and Kristjan Kannukene came together as an improvisation duo in 2018, focusing their practice on embodiment of emotions and deep communication through sound, movement and gestured playing. Together they won first prize at the Gladys Puttick Improvisation competition (2019), have have since collaborated for various projects including METRIC IP (Tallinn, Estonia, 2020) and relseaing their studio album Daste Ma (2022).

د​س​ت ما | Daste Ma

digital album, 2022

An improvised album with inspirational roots in

Iranian Dastgāh. 

1 - Qatre (قطره) 
2 - Navazesh (نوازش) 
3 - Daste Ma (دست ما) 
4 - Shur (شور) 
5 - Gozasht (گذشت) 


Drops of salt graced our hands, as they forgot the music of the world. 
Everything lost, everything past, and our hands found themselves, screaming. 
In the depths of the ocean, where music ceased, those drops of salt, tears filled with passion, held all the weight of sound. 

قطره های شور دستان ما را نوازش کرد 
در عمق دریا موسیقی دنیا را فراموش کرد 
گذشت و گذشت و دستان ما شکایت کردند 
این قطرهای‌ شور تمام موسیقی را 
به دوش گرفتند

Supported by Trinity Laban Consertaoire of Music and Dance, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre & Into the Ocean

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