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شکار آزادی | SHEKARE ĀZĀDI

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SHEKARE AZADI is an interdisciplinary project which began formation over the course of 2022, where Roxanna Albayati spent the year interrogating different environments and herself within these spaces. This personal as well as location-based journey explored her ever-evolving concept of identity, freedom and becoming. From Dubai, to Armenia, to Sicily, Roxanna ended the journey in Portugal as Zaratan's artist in resident, presenting her work alongside the backdrop of the current uprising in Iran, where Iranian’s are fighting for “Zan, Zendegi, Azadi (Women, Life, Freedom).”

Live Performance

Multimedia live performance, with Rebecca Moradalizadeh 

and Rodrigo B. Camacho at Zaratan Arte Contemporânea.

images by Manuel Huertas

Zaratan Arte Contemporânea, 2022


Composed of words, photos, timelines, videos and music collected during 2022, the audiovisual installation '٨ SKETCHES' was directly entangled with the live performance, serving as a score for the construction of the project.



This audio-visual work explores the individual’s relationship with identity and trauma, aiming to uncover parts of history which have been lost or forgotten, yet continue to exist in our bodies and subconsciousness of our minds.

Artist Talk

images by Manuel Huertas

Collaborators | Rebecca Moradalizadeh, Rodrigo B. Camacho, Marat Ingeldeev, Erfaan Mahmoodi, Vittorio Ballato

Support | Help Musicians, Mejlis Institute,  Zaratan Arte Contemporâne & dg Artes República Portuguesa 

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