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Private Lessons

​Roxanna provides tuition for one-to-one cello, group mixed strings classes and group improvisation. She achieved a distinction in her Masters in Performance and Music Education at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in 2020, specialising her research and practice in one-to-one cello tuition as well as teaching children with special educational needs, under Tim Palmer. Whilst on her BMus at Goldsmiths UoL, she studied music education under Maria Krivensky, specialising in whole class string tuition.

Currently, Roxanna teaches a wide range of ages and abilities privately (from age 5 to adult learners, from absolute beginners to post-grade 8 standard). In the past has taught in schools across London, including London Borough of Southwark and London Borough of Redbridge and most extensively as a THAMES tutor for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

She has a very open-minded and flexible approach to teaching; she will train her students thoroughly, whilst her main aim is to inspire students, driving them to improve and truly enjoy playing the cello. ​Her lessons are tailored to suit each individuals' needs, from working towards an exam, to learning for their own leisure.

If you are interested in tuition, please contact Roxanna directly via her contact page for further details.


"Roxanna is a wonderful cello teacher who has encouraged my son to explore things around instrument playing that are often neglected and, in the process, developed as a more rounded musician. She has a way with children that makes them interested and engaged. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone whose children are starting to learn or progressing on the cello."
Phil, father of grade 6 student (age 10)
"Having played the piano to Grade 7, my childhood dream was to learn to play the cello. This journey began this year with Roxanna. I have enjoyed my experience immeasurably. Roxanna is an outstanding teacher. Patient. Understanding. Confidence builder. Motivational. And makes sure I am challenged and stimulated. Can't wait for the next steps. Highly recommend."
Patrick, adult learner

“Roxanna has been a fantastic teacher to my daughter; she gave her confidence and encouraged her to progress further without feeling uneasy as Roxanna has a way of bringing the best out of her students. It has been a great journey whereby in such a short time, she had truly impacted my daughters love and passion for her instrument.”
Saira, mother of Grade 7 Student (age 16)

"Roxanna is an extremely good tutor to my twin children. She established an early rapport with them. They looked forward to her sessions and always wanted to show me what they had just learned with her. She is extremely professional and organised. I always felt that as a teacher, she “had done it before” with teaching young children for the first time. I would be extremely happy to recommend her to anyone looking to start their children on their first music lessons."
Andrew, father of two 6 year old students

"Roxanna is a really great tutor. She is very patient but at the same time manage to be on point with the material that she teaches. She definitely knows how to teach and adjust lessons to achieve your goals regardless if you are interested in exams or not.
My son enjoys her lessons and made fantastic progress under her tutoring. She helps him focus on tasks (which is not an easy thing) but also helps to achieve his own creative ideas as well as material and techniques he needs to perform during the exams."
Klaudia, mother of Grade 1 Student (age 10)

"Roxanna is a great teacher that knows how to teach technique and focus on what you need, in my case I play just for fun and not aiming for exams and she accommodates the teaching based on that and its fantastic. She's patient and full of knowledge."
Ferran, adult learner

"I am an adult beginner and I have been learning cello with Roxanna for one year now. I would highly recommend her: she is very kind, patient and helpful. She explains everything clearly and her advice is always very useful. Roxanna is also always available to answer to my questions and give advise between lessons. I am happy with the progress I have made so far."
Audrey, adult learner

"Roxanna has taught my son and she is now teaching me to play the cello. She pays attention to details and I particularly like the fact that mistakes are pointed out and corrected on the spot. One of the reasons why I decided to take up an instrument at my age is that I hope my son will be inspired by my progress so far and the possibilities of achieving things that might have seemed daunting at first. Now he can see that his dad can do it and this should give him (also myself) the confidence to continue with whatever he decides to do in the future."
Lie, adult learner &  father of 5 year old student

"Roxanna is a fantastic tutor, she is very patient and helpful, but most importantly her lessons are adaptable for different people and I felt that really helped with my development. She also helped me find the cello and it is always trying to inspire me with extra curricular things such as documentaries. I would highly recommend her."
Martina, adult learner

"Roxanna is an amazing tutor. She is very motivating, attentive, accommodating and patient. She is full of knowledge and will make everything easier for you. She is extremely passionate, and has recommended different videos to watch and music to listen to, even creating a playlist which has motivated me a lot. She was also very helpful to me when I first started and had lots of problems with my new cello. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning the cello."
Sarah, adult learner

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